Card holders / Coin cases

Top-grade raw materials, professional craftsmanship, precise identity of the products, ethical code, and  good value for money are Albi1960’s hallmarks

Card holders and coin purses by Albi 1960 are not just mere accessories, but a choice of style, first of all

Little objects with great functional and aesthetic value, featuring high-quality materials, precise finishing and details. In a nutshell, they are veritable design pieces.

They are ideal for who believes in order and practicality. They are must-haves if you want all your cards, badges and coins at your fingertips in a compact, resistant and essential object. Precious but delicate, the best thing to be ready in each situation. They are an ideal substitute to wallets, in order to carry just the necessary in a light and compact holder

A wide range will meet your requirements, from the thinnest card holders to the most capacious coin cases, perfect to fit your trouser pockets. They come in different types and colours to satisfy even the most demanding customers, but be sure you will flaunt a high-quality accessory.

Lots of pockets and pouches, different manufacturing methods and closure types but all sharing a common feature, the refined leather quality, which has been processed according to the traditional artisan production. The result? An exquisitely natural final product.

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