This story dates back to 1960. But it is not an ordinary story, it’s our story.

A tale getting to our days, leather after leather, tanning after tanning, cuts after cuts. Techniques and unaltered competences that have been handed down throughout the years, from my dad to my wife Luisella and me. We have kept the family tradition going, ensuring the same top quality, manufacture and raw material processing.

Skilled hands, passion and care have always distinguished our company; even though we have always held fast to the leather tradition, we are open-minded towards new creative horizons.

Our commitment is the transparency in every side of our work, above all when it comes to our customers.

The first sketches come from our hands. 

The design comes to life through the choice of leather, colours and details.

It is our eyes that check all the outcomes, in order to guarantee a product that meets the high quality standards we set to ourselves.

Season after season we have been sealing partnerships, agreements with suppliers and first level manufacturers, the ones capable of ensuring conscious and sustainable choices in every step of their work, their social impact, health and safety of their workers and protection of the environment as well as customers’ satisfaction.

We don’t want to be an ordinary accessory, but a selected choice of style.

We only offer genuine leather products, that’s why some imperfections of the mantle are to be seen, colour variations and a natural and intense leathery fragrance, as well.  These features are the sure sign of authenticity of manufacture and production.

Each product is like the others in its soul, each product is different in its outcome.

Premium raw materials, professional craftsmanship, precise identity of the products, ethical code and a good value for money are our trademarks.

Alberto & Luisella

Owners of Albi 1960 | Piccola Pelletteria Autentica

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