Top-grade raw materials, professional craftsmanship, precise identity of the products, ethical code, and  good value for money are Albi1960’s hallmarks

Belts by Albi 1960 are not just mere accessories, but a choice of style, first of all. 

Manufactured in Italy according to the traditional artisan production, our belts are timeless pieces with both a functional and iconic design that satisfy any style trend, age and occasion.

Our belts are made with refined hides and their leather lining grants the most comfortable fitting.

Various shades, styles and colours, from a more formal taste to a trendy and eccentric one. They meet the needs and tastes of all those men and women with an eye for quality, style and fair prices, becoming the one accessory that makes the difference on every occasion. Classic models now get new colours, the glam style models are enriched by refined woven effects and of course there is no shortage of casual and sporty models. All favourite shades are still brown, blue and black which best match every suit with elegance. Other more stylish coulors make outlook combinations more playful. Domed or rectangular, high or thin, your belt will become the focus of your attire.

Unfailing attention to detail and scrupulous manufacturing by skilled hands guarantee timeless genuine leather masterpieces. Everyday use won’t damage the hides, on the contrary it will provide your belt with new hues, symbol of the authenticity of the product.

Refined, sturdy, durable, all our belts boast a single feature, their superior quality.

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