Shoulder bags

Top-grade raw materials, professional craftsmanship, precise identity of the products, ethical code, and  good value for money are Albi1960’s hallmarks

Shoulder bags by Albi 1960 are not just mere accessories, but a choice of style, first of all. 

This accessory will prove to be a real investment over time. Entirely of genuine leather, according to the most careful and scrupulous manufacturing

Quality of materials, classy finishes and details make our shoulder bags an irreplaceable partner in your everyday life.

Functional, handy, well-organized, spacious. Soft to the touch, but very sturdy: the ideal article for everyone: from professionals to students, for the ones whose motto is “stylish practicality”.

Wide pockets and pouches, a classic design to be matched to a formal look, or a modern one for your free time, or yet again, a design if you prefer a simple look. A rich collection in sizes, styles, shapes but all trendy and fashionable. Made with refined leather, lovely on every occasion, that mirrors the personality of the wearer and with a very good value for money.

Our shoulder bags are a perfect gift for that friend of yours always on the road, who needs a bag to carry all the necessary, or for who is looking for a special accessory to enrich her/his outfit.

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