Men’s Wallets

Top-grade raw materials, professional craftsmanship, precise identity of the products, ethical code, and  good value for money are Albi1960’s hallmarks. 

Albi 1960’s wallets aren’t an ordinary accessory, but a choice of style

Banknotes, coins, cards, badges, and small souvenirs: everything is held in a small product with a big value, an object that combines nicely both luxury and every day practicality

Our wallets can meet the most varied needs of the customers: elegant, resistant and durable and featuring a special quality: genuine leather. A small accessory that reflects the lifestyle of the wearer; the perfect  choice to treat yourself or someone special.

A wide range of models, shapes and colours, so as to satisfy everything you need. Soft and pleasant to the touch, always intact, durable and beautiful over time. The best solution for those who want to keep everything with them, from souvenir pictures to receipts; or for those who bring just the bare essentials with them. The perfect choice for those who wants to boast a valuable accessory with a certified manufacturing. Our wallets come in traditional design, for the ones of you with a sober and classical style, and in more coloured versions, for dazzling and personal effects.

Rectangular, square, domed, modern or vintage, anyway, all of them with a unique manufacturing and attention to details.

All our wallets are fitted with RFID blocking membrane, that protects the cards stored in your closed wallet from card data theft. No one will be able to scan and clone your identity card or credit cards. The RFID protection is identified by a thermoprint inside the wallet.

Minimal models for those who brings just the bare essential with them, together with more structured models for those who need more pockets to hold banknotes, credit cards, business cards, documents and souvenirs. Everyday practicality, compactness and endurance are the key words to live the day to the fullest.

Lots of sizes and colours, the choice is really wide. It doesn’t matter if your model is compact and light or wide and cozy, Albi 1960’s wallets aren’t to be hidden in the back pocket of your trousers: they are beautiful to look at. The perfect gift on a special occasion.

Your wallet has a lot to say about your style: thanks to its finishes, top-quality leather, unique and essential design it guarantees a longer durability over time. The meticulous artisan production  makes the wallet soft and pleasant to the touch. Our leather is strong against everyday shocks and scratches and preserves its shape and beauty while aging, proof of its authenticity and quality

Leather wallets are valuable partners in our daily routine, inevitable items in every man’s wardrobe. The RFID protection ensures maximum security making your personal data safe. Every item we offer is suitable for any situation, as it suits different needs and tastes. Get inspired by the wide range of models and pick the one that best reflects your lifestyle.

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